Music without copyright in the style of Jazz

Jazz (English jazz) – a kind of musical art, formed under the influence of African rhythms, European harmony, involving elements of African American folklore.

Sing Swing Bada Bing – Doug Maxwell | Media Right

You’re Trouble – Rich in Rags

Rainforest Canopy – Magic In The Other

Morning Glory 01 – Håkan Eriksson

Moonlight Haze – Bird Creek

Hot Pizza Sauce -Trabant 33

Jolly Good Fellow – E’s Jammy Jams

High Tea at the Plaza – Radio Night

Hit the Switch – Silent Partner

Dashing – Moins Le Quartet

Happy Birthday Jazz Waltz – E’s Jammy Jams

Happy Birthday Bossanova – E’s Jammy Jams

Cha Cappella – Jimmy Fontanez. Media Right

Carmel Shades – Silent Partner

Piano Store – Jimmy Fontanez. Media Right

Canal 3 – Quincas Moreira – Download

Birds Of Paradise – Ennio Máno – Download

Sangfroid – Peter Sandberg – Download

Reaching Hope – Magnus Ringblom – Download

Tomorrow I’ll Be Gone – Franz Gordon – Download